B.I.G Consults is a full service Real Estate, Business and Legal Consultancy Firm dedicated to the mission of birthing the goal of individuals or corporate bodies of owning Real Estate for residential, commercial or industrial purposes into Reality. We have created a collective approach to help achieve your goals by assembling a robust team that is built to support you in making your ownership of Real Estate dream a reality.

At B.I.G Consults, we believe you are more than just a transaction and in addition to helping you achieve your Real Estate feats, we also provide business and Legal consultancy services to help build and keep your business flourishing above its competitors and free from legal compliance hassles attendant with acquisition and disposition of properties which is made possible by our finely picked Business Consultants and Legal professionals who are dedicated to ensuring due diligence in all spheres, by guiding you every step of the way.
Hence, our team provides expert guidance, comprehensive market knowledge and hands-on personalized experience tailored to your needs in any of our tripartite services i.e. Real Estate, Business and Legal Consultancy.